Pantry Solutions

Any office will have to serve beverages /lunch either in their canteen, cafeteria or lunch rooms, board room, etc. This is very technical as to the person serving the food /beverage. We can imagine eating at a filthy roadside dhaba with a dirty boy dressed shabbily serving the food to us on a dirty table. The utensils and the crockery is all dirty and smelling foul.

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When we do the same it will always be different. Our boys are properly groomed, dressed, nails trimmed, probably wearing an apron and gloves. The style with which they serve the food or beverage will urge the mind to have a cup of hot tea or coffee from the pantry boy whether or not the appetite is there or not. Likewise for the food being served in clean crockery and from clean bowls will always raise the appetite. Isn't food one of the few things in life we live for...