Housekeeping Services

A neat and clean office environment always adds value to the brand / name of any corporate / industry/ institution. We Provide all solutions for housekeeping services from general housekeeping to spring cleaning and specialized deep cleaning. With our trained manpower we help maintain the clean image of the corporate/ industry or institution. Housekeeping service from GN Services lets you focus on what matters most. While every cleaning day is tailored to your specific needs, there are standard elements that are included.

Upkeep and maintenance of the premises

Floor care

Upholstery Cleaning /shampoo

Carpet shampoo

Furniture and Fixtures

Facade Cleaning & Maintenance

Toilet cleaning

Window & wall

Pink Blob GN Services cleaner cleaning shower
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Housekeeping according to Your Schedule

With customized checklists we are able to provide error free service and in turn are able to keep a check on the personnel doing the work as well. Updated use of chemicals along with machinery and equipment help in competent pricing. Also we prefer use of bio-degradable chemicals keeping in mind the green environment, the onus of which lies on each living individual.